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Reggy’s Fresh Goat Milk – Reggy Farm

Reggy’s Fresh Goat Milk is raw milk produced by Reggy Farm located in the Central Highlands of Kenya. The milk is from our own goats so you can trust that the goat milk and hence ensuring quality and consistency.

The Goats

Fresh Goat Milk has been attributed to offering the following health benefits among others:

Lower in Fat

Goat’s milk is a great option for people who want to lose weight healthily. It has less fat, but still maintains high levels of proteins and essential amino acids.


High in Fatty Acids

Goat’s milk contains higher levels of the essential fatty acids linoleic and arachidonic, because of the mix of different fatty acids the milk is known for its gentle effects on the digestive tract.



Goat’s milk also offers high amounts of calcium. It helps in preventing bone loss due to rheumatoid arthritis or menopause and migraine headaches.



Bioorganic sodium is known in Naturopathic Medicine as the youth element. In Naturopathic medicine, goats are referred to as bioorganic sodium animals. They are also associated with vigor, flexibility, and vitality. Bioorganic sodium is an important element in keeping joints mobile and limber.


May Boost Immune System

Goat’s milk has the trace mineral, Selenium, and Zinc, key essential minerals in keeping the immune system strong and functioning correctly.


Our Prices:

1 liter is going for Kshs 200 and we can deliver frozen milk within Limuru & Nairobi once or twice every week at a minimum order of 5 liters. 

How to order: 

To place your order, call or WhatsApp us on 0762491882


Packaging & Preservation


Freshly Milked

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