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We all know that if you need glasses and you don’t get them you head can ache, your eyes too, if you get the wrong size they can fall and break. At Rafiki we aim to give you the best at the best price.  We are a one stop optical center for your medical requirements. We can take care of you and your family including your children. Giving them glasses that will make their lives easier or in this case clearer.

We specialise in :

  • progressive lenses
  • bifocal lenses
  • polarised antiglare lenses
  • contact lenses
  • photochromic lenses.

Finally, you can come and get any optical advice that you need. And, you can check us out on our website or follow us on Facebook.


Contrust House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi Central, Nairobi, Kenya
Business & Services