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Preswin Nairobi Home Tuition

preswin home tuition

Success Is Counted Sweetest.

Every parent wants their child to succeed. Not only in life but at school. But, success comes at a cost, the price to be paid is hard work which involves studying. Sometimes it can be so hard to find a good tutor. But fear no more…  Welcome to Preswin Nairobi Home Based Tuition for:


Preswin has consistently provided tuition services for primary to secondary school and also junior college students in Nairobi. We believe Home Tuition is one of the most efficient ways to learn and improve grades. Especially for children who may be finding their schools work a little too challenging.


We have dedicated and professional tutors who provides individual attention and one-on-one approach to your child at the comfort of their homes. We offer: Day,Evening ,weekend tuition,Home Schooling and Holiday Tuition. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to advance your child!


You can contact us 0723419853 or email us at
This is our website:”> if you need more information.

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