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Playland Amusement Park

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Playland Amusement Park located on the Ground Floor of Nextgen Mall is the newest amusement facility in Nairobi with a full space theme and exciting features such as:

  • A vibrant Soft-Play area (including a ball pit, swings, slides, magic mirror, zip line, foot piano, water trampoline, screen projection games, revolving space ship, merry-go round, etc.)
  • A fun Trampoline Park (with added features such as a basket ball arena, Velcro wall, rock climbing, etc.)
  • Virtual Reality Rides (Individual and Group rides) which are a simulation of multimedia elements such as sound, picture, effects, music, narration, and other sensations allowing you to be transported to your dream destination without leaving the comfort of our seats. They can trek to Mount Everest or Uncover Amazon Forest, Ride a roller coaster or Surf in the Ocean, be adventurous by Shark Cage Diving or learn to Ski, whatever your thrill – you can experience it now!  
  • Do-It-Yourself centre (including Building Lego, Kinetic Sand, Art & craft activities, Playing in the Dull House or bubble bursting)
  • Indoor Ropes Course with 14 hurdles / stages to stimulate your heart rate, help you to face & overcome your fears, strengthen your self-confidence, improve your problem solving skills, boost focus, push your limits and set new benchmarks for yourself! It is also a complete work-out targeting both your upper and lower body as you use both mental and physical strength to reach the end.
  • The newly opened “Laser Lit” Pin Bowling Alley providing a fun and casual atmosphere for people of all ages to develop and grow together.
  • You may also shoot pool, play electronic darts or simply relax and relish the coffees, mocktails, milkshakes and bitings at the Irish Corner Lounge.


What’s more?  We also host celebrations, be it a Birthday, Graduation or Corporate event and at a small additional cost we can also provide the cake and a full meal / snacks as you please!

It is attractive and enticing not just to children but to adolescents and adults alike due to the variety of rides and facilities which ensure there is something for everyone to do!

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The Nextgen Mall, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya
[email protected] 0736 549284
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