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Planet Yogurt – Junction

FroYo For Your Fam !!!

Planet Yogurt (PY) has mouthwatering yogurt is made fresh with high quality, natural and free of additives ingredients. Everyday we freshly cut our toppings. The Kenyan sun can get really hot sometimes. Are you looking for a Sunday afternoon chill spot with a cooling dessert ? FroYo is a healthier dessert alternative to regular ice-cream. Because, yogurt has a lower fat content than regular ice-cream. Our Yogurt is good for you and has less than ½ the calories in ice-cream. Talk about guilt free indulgence!


Did you know that FroYo also has a variety of cosmetic benefits? Zinc, a basic constituent of yogurt helps make skin appear vibrant and clear. Yogurt can be used as a face mask, when mixed with turmeric, honey, and cucumber. Additionally, it can serve as a hair conditioner to remedy an irritated and flaky scalp. We are always here for you and your family/ friends. In fact, PYwas designed to cater to a family and young clientele.


Finally, you can come visit us at one of our many branches all over the country. Or, you can give us a call on one of these numbers ( 0706171150 / 0715526722 / 0706171152) and visit our website.


Planet Yogurt, Riara Road, Maziwa, Nairobi, Kenya
The Junction Mall, Ngong Road
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