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Nyuzzi Kenya

Nyuzzi Kenya is an online business that I have ran from home since 2016.  Nyuzzi is a company that makes crochet African themed dolls, keychains and has recently diversified to other different toys like cartoon characters – Peppa Pig and dinosaurs and unicorns. 



Nyuzzi all began when I made the first doll for my daughter, and posted it online, and got a lot of positive feedback from friends. That is when people started placing orders for them. The dolls and toys I make are intended for the young girls and the women who are young at heart. 

I started making the African themed dolls so as to promote pride in our skin and in our hair. To show little girls that there are dolls that do look like them, dolls that are soft, can be carried anywhere, even to bed.  Dolls that can be their friend. 


There are two types of dolls I make, type A, is a smaller doll, approximately 28 cm tall, with no removable accessories, and costs Kshs.1,500, and type B, a larger doll, approximately  37cm tall, with removable accessories, and costs Kshs.2,500. The crochet keychains cost only Kshs. 350.

The other toys are usually made on order, and the costs vary from Kshs.3,500 to Kshs.4,500

Feel free to place your order with Nyuzzi today.

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Business & Services