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Niro Collection Limited
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Niro Collection Limited – Peponi Road

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All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Inspired by all things African, NIRO Collection produces products that balance between style and function. Because the collection is handmade, there is a kind of imperfection in every piece giving each product a unique quality. Founder Jacinta Kioko Mwaura is the Product Designer behind NIRO .

For us imperfection is a kind of humanity and has a lot to do with the craftsmanship of the products. NIRO’s craft medium includes: soapstone, metal, wood, fabric and sisal. At NIRO we enjoy a great partnership with teams of amazingly talented and dedicated artisans from various parts of Kenya that we have trained over the years to foster the process of contemporary development to bring our unique concepts to life.

We are open Mon – Sat 9am-7pm, and on Sunday from 9am-4pm. Also, you can reach us on the number 0725-380-245.

RETAIL OUTLET; Spinners Web Kenya Ltd, Getathuru Gardens, off Peponi Road
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