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natikara holistic spa

colon hydrotherapy, facials, non invasive liposuction and microneedling.


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If you have a job, a spouse, children, relatives and just responsibility. Then being calm and stress free is hard to be in the city. Natikara Holistic Spa offers great services on:

  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Facials
  • Non-invasive liposuction
  • Microneedling.


Detoxifying your body means getting rid of toxins from your body. Every day we are exposed to pollutants in our environment and foods, especially if we are not eating organic foods. Natikara Holistic Spa teaches us that during our detox time, we are letting our body heal by giving it want it wants most – nutrient dense greens, foods filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This and so much more is done at Natikara Holistic Spa.




Make an appointment today. Check them out on Facebook , or better yet give them a call and find out any more information.

Mbaazi Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya
Business & Services