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Online Pharmacy, for affordable and genuine medicine


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MYDAWA is a new and innovative platform that enables users to purchase authentic high-quality medicines, health and wellness products through web and mobile platforms. This is Kenya’s Most Trusted Online Pharmacy, for affordable and genuine medicine.

We revolutionize the way health services reach end users: becoming a Kenyan solution to a global need. Our goal is to tackle known risks and costs in the supply of healthcare products.

Through in-depth research into consumer experience coupled with cutting edge technology solutions; we provide an alternate and disruptive option to affordable and quality healthcare.

Some great products you will find include:

For prescribed medicine orders places, a certified pharmacist will deliver them right at your doorstep, for FREE!

Furthermore, these innovations focus on creating positive experiences and value for patients and benefits for all stakeholders.

MYDAWA is building the brand of choice in healthcare based on the four pillars of quality, affordability, convenience and privacy. This ensures better health outcomes for all.

To ensure better health outcomes.

To be the brand of choice in health and

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Tel: 0205219999 or Email:


Oloitokitok Road, Nairobi, Kenya
MYDAWA Kenya, 2nd Floor, Block A Methodist Ministries Centre, Oloitoktok Road, Kileleshwa.
Business & Services


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  1. Isis Nyongo says:

    Great service and selection – used the app many times now

  2. Island ink says:

    Tried it a few time and just learned that you can get prescription medicines (and I think the pharmacist comes to your door during delivery!)

  3. mumsv says:

    Great service provided especially for pregnant women and mums. Great to see that prescribed medicine is delivered by a pharmacist to ensure that the right instructions are provided to the customer. Free delivery is always a plus!

  4. michelle says:

    I like that they offer free delivery for such important products. I’ve found that delivery costs hinder people from making purchases. But it’s cool that there’s finally an online pharmacy which offers some level of secrecy for select products that you don’t want people knowing you’re buying 🙂

  5. omondi Ngoga says:

    Loved the application as it’s easy to use and the services are quite convenient

  6. Dayla Atieno says:

    They have a wide range of face care products. I was able to purchase my full face care regime and they delivered for FREE. Excellent service!!!

  7. Thia Odock says:

    As a pregnant mom, free delivery to my door step for the supplements I require was a plus. Great Service!

  8. Evan Omondi says:

    Such a convenient mode of getting medication. I was tired of driving in search of late night chemists to get simple medication.

  9. eon n says:

    I am glad I was able to discover this application got to use it and couldn’t believe the delivery was free.

  10. 4

    Used the app several times for prescribed medicines for my kids. Pharmacist delivers the drugs and takes you through the required dosage. Great Service!

  11. Sarah Ngima says:

    I love Neutrognena for my acne and finding it on MYDAWA was a plus. Used to see it on Foreign Youtube Channels but could not find it here. I love that I can just order it and have it delivered 🙂

  12. Faith Mumbi says:

    Great service and with a lot of options especially the Pregnacare and the Diapers section. A saving app when I did not want to leave the house.

  13. Serah Wamundia says:

    I love this app! It’s a one stop app for all your health and hygiene products and even have a pharmacy!