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Mom In Balance Kenya

Mom in Balance Kenya offers total body workouts that suit the needs of the female body through different stages of their life. We have over 10 years of experience and are continuously refining our program with the newest developments in exercise trends and (post) pregnancy care as well as through our close relationships with gynecologists and physical therapists.

We believe strong women make a better world and we want women to feel self-confident, fit, positive and healthy in their body. Whether you were a very active sports person before getting pregnant or didn’t do any sports for a while. It´s never too late to start an active lifestyle – even during your pregnancy!

Did you know that if you begin with sports in your first, second or third trimester, you can expect some serious health benefits for you and your baby?

  •  You will feel more energetic and more in control of your growing body, which will also help you during labor.
  • Less back-pain and other pregnancy-related “pains”.
  • A lower chance of gaining too much weight during pregnancy.
  • Much quicker recovery after giving birth.
  • You will sleep better!
  • You’ll get the “glow”: exercise increases blood flow to your skin, enhancing that pregnancy glow. 
  • It’s easier to start exercising again after giving birth and to pick up your sports routine.

In addition Mom in Balance Kenya offers workouts specially designed to get Back in Shape after giving birth and high-intensity Mpower workouts for women up for a challenge, so even if you are not pregnant anymore, Mom in Balance Kenya can be the perfect workout for you!

So where to find us today?  We currently offer workouts in Nairobi at Karura Forest (Sigiria entrance), SSDS Temple Lower Kabete, Kibagare Way in Loresho and The Hub in Karen.  


  • Pregnant / Back in Shape –  Ksh. 5500/month or Ksh.16.500 for 10 lessons
  • Mpower – Ksh 4500/month or Ksh 14.000 for 10 lessons 

Join with a friend and both receive 20% discount!   Offer expires 1 January 2020


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Sigiria - Karura Forest, Nairobi, Kenya
Sigiria Entrance, Karura Forest, Nairobi
Business & Services