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Meticulous Solutions Ltd (MSL) is Kenya’s leading provider of personnel screening.  We provide every available background screening check through demonstrated checking packages as well as a full range of advisory services thanks to our unparalleled experience in screening and vetting processes.


Meticulous Solutions Ltd provides a framework which includes:

  • Identity Verification Search: What if the candidate is using another person’s identity? We help you ensure that a person is who they say they are.
  • Criminal Record Search: Criminal background check will help reveal if a candidate has any past criminal convictions.
  • Employer References: for up to 3 former employers. Ask your nanny, house help/gardener for at least three references from prior employment or families that she/he has previously worked for.
  • Residence Checks: We back up criminal record searches by through home visitation. We also interview the local chiefs and neighbors from the employee origin.  The purpose is to establish any criminal history which could not be obtained through criminal record search.


Personnel screening allows companies to re-establish the integrity of their organization. It helps in re-establishing their reputations by developing approaches that protect the organization from theft, scams, document falsification and counterfeiting. Meticulous Solutions Ltd has well-established infrastructure and expertise in personnel screening with employment screening being our primary focus.


The type of products we offer our clients include but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Screening Solutions
  • Domestic workers Screening
  • Supplier Screening
  • Tenants Checks
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Business & Services