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Metabolic Balance

A personalized, natural weight loss nutrition plan

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Metabolic Balance® is an innovative, personalized, all-natural nutrition, weight loss & wellness program that brings balance to your hormones, optimizes your health, and leads to a new invigorating lifestyle resulting in successful long term weight management. It is backed by over 25 years of scientific study and is managed by dedicated physicians and nutritional scientists.

Metabolic Balance® is 100% natural! There are no prescribed injections, pills, or proprietary foods. Nor, as with some diets, are you required to keep “points” or count calories. You are accompanied through the four phases of your program by Shelina Mediratta, certified metabolic balance coach. Your personal coach guides you toward reaching your ideal weight, avoid yo-yo dieting and helps you to embrace the amazing realization of a new healthy lifestyle and a true awareness of well-being.

How does Metabolic Balance® work?
The program promotes hormone balance primarily by regulating the amount of insulin your body produces. Fat burning and weight loss occur almost as a side effect of restored hormone balance. Metabolic Balance® has helped people suffering from all kinds of health problems including: Type 2 diabetes; rheumatism; migraines; insulin resistance; high blood pressure; fatigue; high cholesterol; osteoporosis; allergies, skin disorders, thyroid disorders etc. Other improvements that have been reported include increased energy, better sleep and an increased feeling of well – being.

About the Coach:
Shelina Mediratta was certified and trained as a Metabolic Balance® coach in January 2014 and has since helped many people to resolve their health and weight problems and reach their target weight. Shelina Mediratta is the Metabolic Balance license holder for East Africa. Please contact her clinic on 0722761092 for more information.

Business & Services