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A Platform that allows Hiring, Rating & Verification of Blue Collar Workers


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M-WAKS is a digital platform developed to assist in the hiring, rating and verification of blue-collar workers who are Kenyan citizens. These blue-collar workers could be looking for more work opportunities or showcasing their expertise.

Our primary aim is to provide convenience, trust, credibility and peace of mind in every interaction between an employer and a skilled employee, in the Blue Collar services.

The service allows subscribers to register as either an employer looking to verify, rate or hire a skilled labourer or as an employee.

Hiring: An Employer is able to get on the platform and Request for a Worker as per their immediate need and current location.

Rating: M-WAKS gives an employer the chance of registering both former and current employees and rating their performance in the form of stars.

Verification: This is a feature that allows employers to check the performance rating of a worker before hiring them. . This enhances Safety, Credibility and Peace of Mind to an Employer.

For Employees, it gives them a chance to register in the system and become a part of the workforce available for hiring, rating & verification.

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Business & Services