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Head, Shoulders, Hands and Toes

When it comes to matters of your hair, nails and toes you only trust a specific person. Most people have a sensitive scalp and skin. So, you can’t just jump around. But, you also want your hair and look to keep up with the trends. So… we introduce to you La-Fells Salon. We are your home for fashion and stylist needs.

Our work is neat, professional, and affordable. You no longer have to pay an arm and a foot to have your hair and nails look like a million bucks. Visit  us for most appropriate nail care,massage and hair care. We also cater to mums, pregnant women, and children.

Our services include manicure,pedicures ,gel polish ,stickons ,treatment ,retouch and styling.

Come now and get more out of your look.

Mumias Road opposite Bidii primary School
Business & Services