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Mom Fashion.

Kondakis is a fashion company. Based in Kenya, Kondakis creates garments from recycled parachutes and accessories from dead wood and found objects. Our collections are produced locally. Therefore, we make sure that all the people we work with are paid for their work. Furthermore, a percentage of Kondakis profit goes towards educating Maasai girls in the Kenyan rural areas.
“Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open.”


They make mom fashion too! Kondakis offers baby slings, comfortable and sophisticated maternity/breastfeeding wear including dresses, tops, leggings and cozy sweaters to keep mom and baby warm and snug. Everything is made to order to fit size and color choice. At Kondakis, we also make baby bibs and aprons for the creative toddler.


The advantage is that after you have given birth to you r bundle of joy, you can still continue to wear the clothes. You don’t have to give them away or keep them.  They also make breast feeding easier. The appropriate saying would be ‘kill two birds with just one stone’.
Each item is a handmade one off piece. It is customized to your measurements and color wishes. To contact us go on our website or call us on the number provided.

Peponi Gardens 7, off Peponi Road. Only by appointment.
Business & Services