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Kipato Unbranded
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Kipato Unbranded

Kipato Unbranded was founded by 5 young women from different cultures and backgrounds that created a social enterprise that collaborates with local artists, promoting their talents and skills and gives them access to larger markets.


They ensure that artists are empowered by their work and receive fair wages for their creativity. From its’ beginnings, profits from the artists’ work, whether sold in international or local markets, go directly to the artists, creating a model that is sustainable and fair to them.


Kipato Unbranded is about beauty and unique designs. They create jewellery that is inspired  “by everyday people and for everyday people”. Their jewellery is versatile and ethically responsible. Their collections are suitable as much for a high-profile awards event as for a casual Saturday afternoon with friends.


Kipato Unbranded pieces are made from locally sourced materials that include brass, recycled bone, and beads. Our packaging is eco-friendly, making us an environmentally responsible enterprise as well.


They are currently located in Nairobi on Kilimani Road at Elysee Plaza, Second Floor, Right Wing. Same building as House of Leather.  They deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Kenya and ship worldwide. You can order online from their website or send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook (@kipatounbranded) or WhatsApp on +254713948208. 


They have a 30% discount on their jewellery this October so don’t miss out! Join the movement #KipatoTribe that’s making a difference through jewellery. 

Kilimani Road at Elysee Plaza, Second Floor, Right Wing
Business & Services