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Togg's Goat Milk
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Kibidav Limited- Toggs Goat Milk Products

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Togg's Yoghurt

Kibidav Limited has a state of the art Goat’s milk processing plant located at Kibidav farm, Kabete, Kiambu County. Our delicious nutritional products: Goat’s Milk: 1litre & 500ml. Goat’s Yoghurt: Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach and Natural and Greek Yoghurt. Goat’s Cheese: White Classic Chevrè, Feta, Halloumi, Cheddar, Gouda and Mascarpone. Soap: Goat’s milk soap.

Toggs nutrient full, healthy products may be purchased at any of the following retail outlets:
CHANDARANA Supermarkets: (Yaya, Lavington Green, ABC Plaza & Mobil Plaza at Muthaiga),
CARREFOUR: (Junction, Two Rivers, Karen Hub mall, Sarit, TRM, Village Market)
ZUCCHINI: (Hub, ABC & Village Market)
NAIVAS supermarkets. KAREN & HARDY Provision Store.
QUICKMART Supermarkets, GREENSPOON online store ( ASTROL MART: Lenana Rd.
CHOPPIES: Nanyuki, Southfield mall.
SELFRIDGES: Kikuyu, Wangige & Kamindi. Market Ways supermarket.
ON THE WAY: Muthaiga & Parklands.
HEALTHY U: Sarit &Westgate.
Yessmart Supermarket & Shire Supermarket Eastleigh
Chieni Supermarket Nanyuki & Woolmart Nakuru.


WEANING: 100% Goat’s milk, is closest to “Mums” milk highly recommended as an alternative.
SUITABLE FOR LACTOSE INTOLERANT PERSONS: 100% goat’s milk contains less sugar lactose, making it suitable for persons who are lactose intolerant.
GOAT MILK HAS A MORE EFFECTIVE BUFFERING CAPACITY: 100% Goat’s milk, is recommended as an aid in the treatment of ulcers as it soothes the digestive tract.
CALCIUM: 100% Goat’s milk is an excellent source of Calcium, widely recognized for its role in maintaining the strength and density of bones.
CARDIOVASCULAR PROTECTION FROM POTASSIUM: Goat’s milk is a good source of Potassium an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function.
A MORE DIGESTIBLE FAT The fat globules in 100% goat’s milk are easier to digest because they contain a higher proportion of short and medium-chain fatty acids.

A MUST-TRY! TOGGS “for a healthier you.”



Kibidav Farm, Getathuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya
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