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Kathy's Kitchen
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Kathy’s Kitchen

Did you recently become vegeterian and you have no idea where to eat out ? Do you appreciate finger licking good healthy meals? Or are just a food lover? Then Kathy’s Kitchen has you covered. They are dedicated to creating wholesome, healthy, homemade vegetarian and vegan meals.

Award winning singer and actress Karen Lucas who is also an avid cook with love for anything oven baked is the food genius behind Kathy’s Kitchen. She started it because as of the childhood memories of her mother slaving over the kitchen stove to create the perfect meal for both friends and family alike. And now here she is ; creating from my hands what people will praise with their lips. She takes joy in the look on people’s faces after they’ve eaten her food.

Kathy’s Kitchen is the food we connect to great memories; it’s comfort, it’s love,  it’s back to the basics with a twist. We take pride in our great assortment of pies and delicious food. We also do catering gigs for dinner parties and brunches, just to mention a few.

You can come find out more about us at westlands in Nairobi, Kenya. Also you can call us on +254 20 521 43 46



Riverside Drive, Nairobi, Kenya
Business & Services