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Jenkah Jeans

Jenkah Jeans

Jenkah Jeans: Live Without Limits

Jenkah Jeans make amazing jeans for all the mothers and women having a hard time finding that perfect pairThese jeans are for the African women who have to strap their belts tight to hold their behinds or have to lay on the bed just to zip up their pants. Alternatively, they could also be for the ladies who may just be looking to change their style.

A Jenkah woman is one who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Whether your job is a full time mum or a corporate lady, we give you the freedom to be who want to be, completely unapologetic. What does Jenkah mean to you?

Jenkah came about when the founders, passionate about denim, wanted to create a line for the curvy Kenyan woman who is confident, strong, dynamic and lives life to the limit. They are hopeful that this brand will resonate with the modern Kenyan lady. The future of Jenkah denim will have Kenyan/African “inspired” into all designs for children, teens and men with a touch of Kenyan/ African material. Jenkah denim will not only have clothing, but expand to include shoes, bags, belts and accessories all denim and all Kenyan/African inspired.

They have an amazing range of different pairs of jeans with several African designs and variety of sizes that will definitely put a smile on your face. This is an African woman-inspired jeans collection line. Come join the women’s revolution that is fun, confident, strong and a go-getter.

Find out more on the founders of Jenkah Jeans.

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