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Jazza Centre

Professional domestic workers - Housekeepers/ gardeners/ cooks

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Jazza Centre, as an employee leasing company, we recruit, train, place and manage our employees. We have employees with competencies such as domestic assistants,  house keepers, gardeners, cooks, and  cleaning services for domestic and corporate clients.


At Jazza Centre, we source and ‘grow’ a positive work ethic among staff so that they can envisage how to meet the needs of their employers. We do this through targeted recruitment that search for good staff, those that have a positive attitude and are ready to grow.


We also invest a lot in providing ongoing staff training to ensure that positive work ethic  is sustained and that each staff we deploy is given an opportunity to grow their skills.


Jazza Centre provides skilled staff for the following categories of services:

  • Domestic assistants.
  • Gardeners
  • Office workers (secretaries, drivers, messengers, clerks, cleaners, administrative assistants, support staff etc).
  • Cooks, waiters, caterers.
  • Care givers, caretakers, caseworkers, attendants etc.
  • Sales persons, social marketers/mobilizers
  • Consulting services on human resource management topic areas.
Muthaiga Suites, Opp. Muthaiga Police Station, Next to Cool Breeze Gardens, Thika Superhighway,
Business & Services