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Jahazi Seafood
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Jahazi Seafood

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Jahazi Seafood

Jahazi Seafood brings fresh, locally caught seafood to homes in and around Nairobi. We have 3 boats fishing in the Funzi-Vanga seascape and land our fish at Shimoni, South Coast. The fish is prepared at our shop in Shimoni and transported overnight to Nairobi. It is then delivered directly to you.

We care about the seafood we deliver and are continuously investing in improving our supply chain and fisheries management to bring you the best of Kenya’s seafood.

Jahazi Tip: Seafood prominently includes fish and shellfish. Shellfish include various species of molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms. Most of the seafood harvest is consumed by humans, but a significant proportion is used as fish food to farm other fish or rear farm animals.

Folks, you have lots of seafood options. We’ve provided you with a little extra information to grow your seafood vocabulary. You can select any of these options or visit our website – Jahazi Seafood – to grow your fish palate:

  • We kick off the list with Tuna: a large and active predatory schooling fish of the mackerel family. Found in warm seas, it is extensively fished commercially and is popular as a game fish

    Tuna Fillet/Steak

  • Prawns or Shrimp as people often refer to them. This is a marine crustacean that resembles a large shrimp

    Jahazi Seafood - Prawns

    Queen size Prawns – Peeled and Deveined

  • In addition to that, you have your choice of delicious Lobster: a large marine crustacean with a cylindrical body, stalked eyes, and the first of its five pairs of limbs modified as pincers



  • You can also have Red snapper: a reddish marine fish that is of commercial value as a food fish, in particular

    red snapper

    Red Snapper

  • Why not try the Rabbit Fish: a slender elongated steel-blue marine food fish (Promethichthys prometheus) related to the escolar and widely distributed in warm regions. There are 28 species of this fish in a single genus

    rabbit fish

    A Golden Rabbitfish at a depth of 20 m, Kapalai, Sabah, 25 September 2011.

  • Another one to add to your list is the Emperor Fish: Pomacanthus imperator, is a species of marine angelfish. It is a reef-associated fish, native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the Red Sea to Hawaii and the Austral Islands
    emperor fish

    Emperor Fish

    Most noteworthy is that this is just a tip off the seafood platter. Seems like you want to take your first kick at trying out seafood. Need some recipe ideas to help make a decision on which seafood to try out first? Check out the Jahazi Recipes.

If you have any questions, email us via fish@seafood.co.ke

To place your fresh seafood order, visit our website: Jahazi Seafood. Once you place your order, we will deliver to your door.

Jahazi Seafood

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Business & Services


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  1. Kanjan says:

    I love the fish. I ordered for some guests at home and they enjoyed . Next order coming up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kevo says:

    Timely deliveries, highly recommend the red snapper fillet. Keep up the good work.

  3. michelle says:

    The fish from these guys is just amazing. I have gotten the Tuna steak, parrot fish, rabbit fish, calamari and red snapper. Gotta try the king fish (I think it’s called) next 🙂
    Great service as well. Keep it up!

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