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Hope & Courage International

Organization working towards Cancer Awareness, Support, Education & Sensitization

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Who We Are

At Hope & Courage International, our mission is “Healing through Strengthening the Body, Educating the Mind and Nurturing Hope & Courage”

Hope & Courage International is a Non Governmental Organization registered under the Registrar of Societies in Kenya. The NGO was started in the year 2012 by a group of Kenyans some of them being cancer victims and survivors with a keen focus on Cancer Awareness, Support, Education and Sensitization.

Cancer being a disease that has deep roots in the fabric of our society has for a long time been termed as a disease of the “wealthy”. However, in recent years more and more cases have been diagnosed in each and every class of our society. The unfortunate part is that majority of these new cases are being diagnosed when it is already too late and chances of survival are usually very slim. This has mainly been occasioned by the fact that there aren’t enough screening facilities, not enough sensitization on screening and not many organizations taking it upon themselves to sensitize on cancer screening or offer relevant information on the different cancers, ways of prevention and treatment options.

HCI was started to fill this void by offering comprehensive information on cancer, support cancer victims and strive to give hope and encouragement to these members of our society.

MISSION: To sensitize and uphold togetherness in the fight against cancer.

VISION: A society where cancer is kept at bay through good health practices and proper nutrition.

What we do:

HCI KIDS CONNECT is an outreach program. We get to interact with children in orphanages and hospitals giving hope and impacting skills to these needy kids.

We have a Play Centre where we get to give supplementary education to kids with terminal illnesses including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes and other non-contagious chronic diseases. At the centre we offer counseling, and fun activities for the kids including drawing, painting etc.

We further offer supplementary food stuff to the kids to help boost their immunity and general health.

HCI-UNITE is a project which offers a podium through which cancer patients and/or caregivers. They get free counselling, training on cancer management and nutrition. They also get to mingle with fellow cancer patients and share their trials and tribulations in the face of cancer.

HCI – MTAANI strives to create awareness and advocate for regular screening for persons at high risk and also those who are not at risk. Early detection saves lives.

Visit our website to learn more: https://www.hopeandcourageint.org/

located at 160 (Kahawa sukari thika road route) near Mwihoko primary( Githurai 45 route)
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