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Heemards Beauty Limited

 The African Woman.

There are several misconceptions and stereotypes that surround African beauty. At Heemards Beauty Limited, we work passionately to clarify and enhance the beauty of the African woman. We do this by developing proven solutions using nature’s secrets. Making it our goal is to unearth the hidden beauty of African Woman.


We have a wide knowledge base on the development, production and marketing of organic based beauty products.  Together with the need for customized beauty solutions, our genuine desire to enhance the beauty of our clientele is fueled. At Heemards, we believe that all women are born beautiful. Which is why our slogan says “God beautifies, we educe it”


Our combined background as beauty product manufacturers, fashion designers, models, and directors, allows us to offer unmatched general and customer specific organic beauty products. Bringing to our clients, the very best of Mother Nature’s hidden treasures in well formulated and packaged products. All this at very affordable prices.


Also, we know that the environment holds the secret to our beauty. Therefore, we take special care of our environment as we go about our business. We source the very best of nature’s pure ingredients and transform these into thoroughly designed,  handcrafted products. Also, we can go the extra mile to provide custom-made products, and we even advice you on how to attain and maintain that desired beauty.

Our current range of products include but are not limited:

  •  human hair products
  • organic soaps
  • beauty lotions
  • body scrubs
  • consultancy in beauty
  • fashion (consult)
  • modeling (consult)

Come and let us bring out the inner you. You can follow us on Facebook to find out more, or call us on the number provided.

Mobile business we deliver products to our esteemed clients.
Business & Services