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Haltons Pharmacy – Zimmerman

Haltons Pharmacy is a brand created by Haltons Limited. It is a collection of pharmacists, investors and leaders. We are passionate about delivering accessible and affordable pharmacy care of the highest quality to Kenyans. Not only the ones in Nairobi but all over the country. Therefore we set up shop near you.

It is a retail pharmacy chain distributing pharmaceutical products. Haltons Pharmacy has retail outlets located mostly in high traffic residential estates.  They capitalize on volumes created by health care medicine prescribers to the average Kenyan consumer. Building relationship is our number one goal so that every time you need medicine we got it. We also cater to pregnant mothers and mothers with kids.  In a world where a lot of people sell fake goods we want you to rest knowing you are in the best hands.

We have many modes of payment so you never have to worry how you will pay. But, just in case, the following insurance companies are affiliated with Haltons:

  • Britam
  • NSSF
  • APA
  • UAP
  • AAR
  • Jubilee and KenGen.

So, come find us at one of our many branches all over the country. Or, you can check out our website to find out more.

Business & Services