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GLOVO – delivering anything in minutes

Special Offer For Villagers

Glovo is a delivery App that allows you to get the anything in minutes.

The 3 main benefits for you are:

  1. Convenience: You will be able to get anything you want with no effort. These include food from restaurants, groceries among other things
  2. Indulgence: You will be able to satisfy those cravings for food and get what you need when you need it in minutes
  3. Urgency: “I need something urgently and I can’t go to get it” (e.g. Gifts, Courier, Pharmacy)

Our main categories that you can choose from include:

  1. Food: Restaurants serving delicious foods
  2. Snacks and Juices: to satisfy your cravings and shopping needs
  3. Groceries: Household shopping goods
  4. Gifts; Flowers or chocolate for that special occassion
  5. Pharmacy: Personal care, baby care (diapers, wipes etc) and beauty products
  6. Anything: this is a section where you can select to have an item delivered to you that doesn’t fall in the categories above

How do you shop?

  • Download the App from Google Play Store or click on the Glovo website
  • Register and fill in your details.
  • Input the Promo code MUMSVILLAGE (see instructions below) (Note: input promo code before you shop to enable the discount)
  • Click on the specific category you would like to shop from (Special Villager Discount: Order goods worth KES 1,800 and get KES 1,000 OFF)
  • Start Shopping!


Happy Shopping!


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Business & Services