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Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital

All About The Kids.

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital is the largest hospital in East and Central Africa dedicated exclusively to the care of children. We give quality care and service to children since 1947. Which means that for over 60 years, the hospital has provided high standard pediatric care for children from birth to 21 years of age. All doctors and nurses have immense experience in pediatric care. 


Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital is a non-profit organization, chartered with responsibilities benefiting humankind. These include providing health services, fostering good health, carrying out research and teaching healthcare professionals. Gertrude’s is also a member of the Kenya Medical Association.

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:

• Pharmacy
• Wards & facilities
• Comprehensive Care
• Clinic
• Laboratory Services
• Well baby clinics
• Nutrition
• Operating Theaters
• Playroom
• Dental Facilities

We also have several resources which include: ATM’s,  a restaurant, meditation room, free WiFi, play ground,  and play room.


Finally, you can contact us on 0714 714 275 or on 0728 270 009, You can also email us We also have several different outlets to help us be more effective in the delivery of our service.



“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”  Mahatma Gandhi


Gertrude's Children Hospital, Muthaiga Road, Nairobi, Kenya


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