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At Funkidz we love to design and make things! We get excited about creating children’s furniture and designing their rooms or classes where the furniture ends up in. We like practical yet happy, colorful furniture for children from ages 0-16. Children are so lively, therefore we are able to have fun with many different themes, colors, and designs for them.


Funkidz also aim to take children and their parents through an amazing journey. The Funkidz characters will be educating us on different areas in our children’s lives. They will take us on a world adventure with the journey starting in Nairobi, Kenya. We will through different and exciting places, we shall meet other children as we travel and hope that we can share this journey virtually with other children around the world.


We strive to create beautiful, child-friendly environments that give children room to play learn and thrive. Where possible we involve the child in the creation of the concepts. We guarantee quality in our workmanship. Our product shall be defect free. But, if defects are noted we will correct at our cost and at the customers’ convenience.


We use the latest technology to produce unique products. Our products are affordable.

Finally, FunKids target families with children of all all ages who wish to provide their children with creative quality home environments. Institutions that provide services to children and or deal with children products not limited to schools and kindergartens, hospitality organizations and child based products and services

Welcome to FUNKIDZ, welcome to our exciting colorful , happy world ;-).

1st Floor Museum hill Centre . Muthithi Road , Nairobi, Kenya
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