Fun Patch Kids

Fun Patch Kids

Sale of quality and trendy baby and kids item -potties, snugly baby blankets, adorable baby and children clothes among others.

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Fun Patch Kids

At Fun Patch Kids, we specialize in the sale of quality and trendy baby and kids item -potties, snugly baby blankets, adorable baby and children clothes among others. Just about everything you will need for your bundle of joy. We are online based with no physical location but we do deliver products to your doorstep.

Some of our products include:

School shoes:

Our light and comfortable shoes retail at Kshs 2,300. Call 0796 089056 to order. Features:

  • Have a Durable, Long-lasting rubber sole
  • Have a Rounded Front for all-day comfort
  • Have a Velcro Strap Closure for easy and quick wearing
  • The inside of the shoe is made from breathable soft cloth lining
  • Have a Padded Back for extra cushioning


Every parent that is going through the potty phase, needs an Egg Potty is a sturdy non-slip potty for maximum comfort and safety. Get it for just KES 1,800.

  • It is lightweight thus great for travelling.
  • It is child inviting thus easing the process of toilet training
  • It has a cover to eliminate mess and promotes hygiene. Available in pink and blue.

Call 0796089056 to order.

fun patch kids
We also have the Cow Potty which has a comfortable back seat that comes in an attractive cow-face design for a fun and an enjoyable experience. Get it for only KES 1,800!
  • It is lightweight with a smooth design for a quicker and more hygienic clean-up.
  • Its large capacity protects from overflowing.

Call 0796089056 to order.


Our 3-in-1 potty comes with a stepped-up toilet and training seat. Get it for just KES 4,000!

  • Easy to use and clean for babies aged 15 months to 3 years.
  • Reduces potty training stress.
  • Comfortable seat providing the child with proper positioning.

Available in Green, Pink and Blue. Call 0796089056 to order



With the festivities around the corner, get your daughter our grey-tulle dress, made of soft fabric that sits well on your baby’s skin. Get one at only KES 2900!

  • For Ages 1-7 years

Call 0796089056 to order.



Perfect infant and baby dresses perfect for both cold and warm weather and for special occasions.

  • Bow detail
  • Full skirt
  • Sizes from 6-24 months
  • Available in Red and Dark Purple KES 2,700

Sleeping bags:

We stock baby sleeping bag that offer a safe and comfy alternative to traditional sheets and blankets. It’s perfect for wriggly babies who kick their covers off and is perfect for cold rooms. The sleeping bag features gorgeous embroidery and prints.

  • Available in 0-6 months
  • 6-18 months
  • 18-36 months sizes


We also have a selection of rompers for newborns, 6 months and 9 months, for sh 1200.

Call 0796 089056 to order.

To take a look at what else we have in stock for you this December, visit our social media pages below and follow us to get great products at great prices. You can also call us on 0796 089056 to place your order.


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