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Vinita Otieno : 4 Tips to Stay Fit this Holiday
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My name is Vinita. I am a health and wellness Coach and former figure body builder. I am also mother of three Beautiful children aged 7, 5 and 19 months. Fit Happens is a new way of thinking. Just like the words imply, “Fit Happens” simply means that fitness is attainable, it is achievable, and with a plan the possibility is born.


Fit Happens is a movement. It is a shout for us all to take charge! To drink less, and to take care of our bodies. It is a call for all, from the youth up to the elderly, who are dying from alcohol abuse, suicide, heart attacks, and poor lifestyle decisions in general. That is why at Fit happens, we go big or go home.


We have forgotten what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and I would like to re-introduce that. To teach people that it can be done and to guide them. I also offer group classes minimum 5 people maximum 10 people. With an aim to improve your fitness level.

You can find out more if you, call us on the number provided, or follow us on Facebook. Let’s do this!

My business is very Mobile: I meet with my clients on an hourly basis usually at their house or at a designated location.
Business & Services