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Daily Errands

ErrandsGuy is an eCommerce platform that seeks to connect people who are busy and lacking in skills to fulfil daily errands to those with the time and skill to accomplish them. We serve individual customers and families by helping them finish errands such as banking, payment of utility bills, shopping, doorstep delivery,  and filing of individual taxes. We do this in the hope that our customers can spend more time on things that matter, such as focusing on career growth or spending more time with family. 

Startups and SMEs

The company, having grown from a small startup, is keen to support startup businesses and SMEs to achieve higher efficiency and better margins month-to-month. We have specific packages that are tailormade for small and medium businesses. They include:

  1. Brand management – Graphic design: logos (2D and 3D), marketing materials, etc. 
  2. Digital marketing and social media management
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Last-mile delivery
  5. Web and app development – Android, iOS apps, cross-platform (Android/iOS/Web)
  6. Registration of companies and licenses

Large Corporate Companies

  1. Distribution of Fliers/Branded materials
  2. Shopping Errands
  3. Errands Package for Employees (Discounted bundled prices)
  4. Last-mile delivery services, including office-to-office
  5. Organization of corporate social responsibility (CSR) events

All our services are conducted by vetted professionals who have the skills, work ethic, and professionalism to fulfil all tasks with utmost satisfaction. We hope that, in our growth, we walk with all our partners and clients to create a better, more efficient society.


Njengi House, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi, Kenya
Business & Services