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Life is never certain, anything could happen at any moment. Preparing yourself more than helps. Kenya’s drought insurance helps Islamic herders. Because, you too can be covered during your time of ‘drought’. Arm yourself by joining Elongo insurance. At Elongo Insurance Agency, we provide insurance products that have been tailor made to suit the needs of a home at premium rates. These days you can even get a family medical insurance cover for as low as Ksh. 1,000.00 per month! We advise our clients from the inception of a policy, through to the claim process.

You are provided with policies and covers that include;

1. A Comprehensive Motor insurance policy (for lady drivers) with many additional benefits like (Trauma counselling, Handbag contents, Force ATM withdrawal, AA Membership, AMREF Membership)

2. A Domestic Package which covers houses and the contents against theft, fire and accidental damage. This cover is for items that are easily portable like, laptops, cameras, watches and jewelry.

3. Medical Insurance policies which cater for hospital bills on both inpatient and outpatient levels of treatment. You can grow these policies to include Maternity cover, as well as Dental and Optical service.

Contact us for a quotation and be happy at how affordable our cover is! You can contact us through email at elongo.bima@gmail.com or call us on 0720734201.


Pangani Heights, Agoi Road, Pangani, Nairobi, Kenya
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