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eLimu Kenya


eLimu is the first company to digitize the Kenyan Primary School curriculum for revision and literacy.

In addition, eLimu is also one of the most talked about EdTech companies in Africa and the leading digital educational content provider in East Africa.

The KCPE Revision and Hadithi! Hadithi! literacy application makes learning fun and engaging for curious children both at school and at home. Most importantly, it has  shown to improve students’ retention of key concepts, and test scores.

eLimu’s founders, Nivi Sharma and Marie Githinji met over a game of table-football at the iHub, and got talking about education. What role could technology play in improving education in Kenya? Teachers were underpaid, textbooks were boring, and the “chalk and talk” method of teaching prevented students from taking control of their own learning.

Using their savings, they put revision materials on an android tablet, together with open source multimedia content from around the web, and piloted in a school in Kawangware. By the end of the first term, they saw results increase from 58% to 73%, and realised they were on to something.

Take KCPE past papers now!

You can take over 100 past papers from 2000 – 2016 online at exams.e-limu.org and get your results instantly, see solutions, find explanations, track your progress and compete with your friends! You’ll get directed to the topics you need to revise. Each paper is 50 KSh for a year, or just 10 KSh for a day, or Ksh 1500 for unlimited access to all papers.

Revision content: eLimu has teamed up with Moran Publishers to put six best-selling revision textbooks in one app. We’ve added new topics on life skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and digital safety to give our students the skills they need for the 21st century and a well-rounded education. Our videos, songs and animations on tricky topics like the Kenyan Constitution and algebra make learning fun and engaging, and memorable too. Learn for free here learn.e-Limu.org



Exceter Court, Kindaruma Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
Bishop Magua Centre George Padmore Lane, off Ngong Road (opposite Uchumi Hyp
Business & Services