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Cultural Stopovers
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Organising and schedule a vast array of Cultural and Arts events across Nairobi


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Cultural Stopovers is an initiative to get every resident of Nairobi to explore every single aspect of the city’s arts, sports and culture. Because wants the residents of Nairobi fall in love with their city, it will be a ripple effect; soon the whole world will be streaming into our city to explore its beauty!


Cultural Stopovers has made it easy for you, we have partnered with over 150 arts, sport and cultural establishments to share with you some of the best in visual arts, music, cuisine, literature, language, architecture, fashion, sport and so much more.


We want you to see more than your side of the city. We want you to explore every single corner of the city for the richest experience that Nairobi has to offer; one concert, one play, one dance, one exhibition, one match at a time.

Business & Services