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Cradles and Crayons Daycare

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Are you looking for a clean, fun and child-friendly place where your
little one will spend their day with other little ones, while under the
care of adults dedicated to their care? Are you in a fix with your
nanny/babysitter? Cradles and Crayons Daycare is just the place. We are a fun daycare center located within the Nairobi Langata area.


If you answered ‘yes’ to any or both of the above questions, then Cradles and
Crayons Daycare is the answer to your prayers. We cater to children from the age 6 months to 3 years and we are open Monday to Saturday, 6am to 6pm.


Cradles and Crayons Daycare. A place where our little angels Laugh, Learn,
Share and Grow. We are a Daycare not a School. Did you know that studies have show that children who are in daycare early on have higher intellectual abilities. This is because they have opportunity to observe, play and socialize. Also, another benefit of daycare is socialization. This is because, the kids have to learn how to share, solve problems and be team players. These are just some of the benefits of daycare.
So, we welcome you. Karibu! Come one come all.

House number 14C, Jonathan Ngeno Estate, Langata.
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