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Carol Dunlop
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Advanced Cranial Osteopath: Carol Dunlop

Carol Dunlop is an Advanced Cranial Osteopath, (gently manipulating the bones of the skeleton, especially the head), Visceral osteopath ( gently manipulating the internal organs from outside the body), and other osteopathic skill. Carol also offers many forms of therapies including: Rolfing ( or Structural Integration) on children over 3 years, which assists with any structural problem and posture.

I often do a “Welcome to the world” session for new born babies and babies up to walking stage. It consists of usually, a half hour to and hour session, checking that the hips are well in the sockets, there is no twist in the spine, the stomach has descended properly (helping eliminate vomiting when feeding), checking the sutures of the head (where the bones meet) are free and moving and anything else that may present after birth.

Carol’s working hours are: 2:30p.m, 4 p.m and 5:15p.m (Five days a week).

Price : Kshs 5,000   for the “Welcome to the world session”


Loresho Ridge, Nairobi, Kenya


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