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Car rental services

Car rental services

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Not having a car to move around with can be very tiring.  Especially if you are a mother. The Kenyan transport system is not very friendly to mothers with kids. But as you have discovered, Mums Village has the solutions to a lot of your problems. At Car Rental Services you can get a vehicle to get you from point A to B without a hustle. We have a small business for car rental, which serves individuals and families in Africa.
The cars that we deal with are mostly with salon cars at an affordable rate. We give you the car to drive and take care of. But special arrangements can be made for a driver to take you around if you request for one. You don’t have to stay in the house anymore because you don’t know how to get there. You and you family can jump into one of our cars and go out to have fun.


Your friends can now know that you will show up whenever you want to hang out. You can also take your kids out for a fun day out whenever you want to. Go out and experience the world for yourself with our rental cars.

We are in Jamhuri, off Ngong Road.
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