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Canvas & Kangas

Canvas and Kangas

From Kenya With Lots Love.

Handmade lifestyle products from Kenya with natural and local Kenyan materials of Canvas and Kanga’s. Canvas and Kangas original and first bags were made at the Kenyan Coast. We hand make and designed every bag individually. They are one of a kind. With the combination of the colorful local Kanga’s and strong Canvas. We design high quality bags and products which will make you smile.


We use natural and local Kenyan materials to make good quality craftsmanship for our lifestyle products. Also, we create employment for the local people. With a fair wage. Each bag has its unique design with the selection of materials.


The foundation of our collection is bags and cushions. Our selection is :

We are working on our new stock with the latest designs of Kangas. Canvas originates from the famous safari tents. They are durable and they are functional. Kanga is  known as a traditional type of dress in Kenya and means in Swahili “to wrap or close”.


We encourage you to visit and find the design of your choice. Also, you can call us on 0702 331 476.

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