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between the lines
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Between The Lines

Dear Book Lover,

Book lovers are becoming fewer and fewer because Hollywood’s business is booming. People do not read unless it is a neccessity. But we the book lovers community can change that one book at a time.  “Between The Lines” is the name of our new look outlet located in the Village Market. We have all your favorite writers. Even the kids don’t have to worry. 


Our incredible architect/interior designer has created an adventure for our customers with each area of the shop sporting a different floor and ceiling graphic/design.


Feel cozy in our Africanna section with wooden floors and a chandelier as well as an old school rolling ladder for those hard to reach top shelf editions. Hit the tarmac in our comic book section complete with Superman symbol painted on the road, a street light and Batman watching over you!Go on an adventure through the fiction section with glass floors featuring epic fantastical graphics. Frolic in the grass in our children’s section with butterflies, rocking horse, and an orangutan hanging from the lights 🙂


Encouraging a reading culture will help our young people grow and develop to make a better tomorrow. Visit our store and find a great selection of books.

1st Floor, Village Market, Gigiri
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