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BabyPrints Kenya

Providing a hand and foot casting services for babies, children and adults.

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BabyPrints specializes in providing a hand and foot casting services for babies, children and adults by capturing and preserving, precious memories of the growth of a baby with their parents.  In addition, Babyprints produce beautiful bespoke framed presentations and stand-alone statues with frame finishes of :
  • Dark Wood,
  • Natural wood
  • Limed
  • Oak Wood
  • Black and Silver to complement interiors.

Casting options Include:

  • Baby Imprints – 2D casts
  • Baby Casts – 3D casts
  • Foot and hand casts
  • Family Casts and Imprint collections

Every print is unique and a selection can be made from a vast choice of colour combinations: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

This makes Babyprints  a perfect gift for proud new parents and grandparents alike, for presentation ideas browse through the selection of finished product photos on the website:
A 3D mould takes approximately 2 minutes for each hand and foot and is entirely safe, your baby/child will have their hands or feet dipped into a warm mixture which then becomes firm (but flexible), after a minute or two the hand/foot can easily slide out – which incidentally comes out clean.

The mixture is a natural product, made from seaweed, and is non-toxic and biodegradable.
For impressions, we use a very soft clay, It is pain-free and takes literally seconds to do. We recommend casting from 3-4 weeks old for impressions.

Babyprints usually allocate half an hour for appointments, but sometimes for multiple orders, we need a longer appointment.

Once we’ve taken the cast/impression, the completed order is ready in approximately 3-5 weeks.

If casts are required urgently, it may be possible to arrange for them to ‘fast-tracked’ but additional charges may apply.
P.O. Box 45842 GPO 00100 Nairobi Kenya
Business & Services


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