Baby Insight - founded by Esther Kinuthia a mother and psychologist

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Baby Insight

Baby Insight was founded by Esther Kinuthia a mother and psychologist.

She is eager to share information on how development and environment affect child behaviour.

Baby Insight helps the adults in the child’s life understand child behavior. They do this by focusing on understanding the child’s mind, in order to assist in the understanding of their behavior. Eventually contributing to how we relate to children. Through holistic assessment of child dynamics you can understand the child’s behavior and identify the best behavioral approach.  Such as the child’s development, social interaction, physical and psychological experiences while bearing in mind the child’s uniqueness.

We share all rounded information that equips the parents or care-givers with knowledge that enables them make well informed parenting decisions. As a result, this impacts positively on the children, creating nurturing environments for children to thrive.

Every child can thrive, and should thrive becoming the best versions of themselves.

Also, at Baby Insight we use simple yet relevant examples during information session. This offers the concerned adults, the opportunity to experience the world from a child’s point of view; creating a long-lasting impact.

Baby Insight works with parents, teachers, schools, work institutions and other parties interested in creating  relationships and environments for the childrens’ benefit.

We strive to provide information sessions in a relaxed and friendly environment. We conduct these through:

 Individual sessions

 Group sessions e.g. baby showers

 Parenting forums

 School parent-teacher forums

 Workshops and Trainings


Hatheru Rd, Lavington.
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