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Acacia Studios
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Acacia Studios

At the heart of Westlands is where you find Acacia Studios, a dedicated yoga studio. The acacia tree symbolizes many things among are: strength, rebirth and endurance. We hope that all yogis that come to our studio build physical strength. We also hope that they find renewed energy and clarity and walk away with more endurance for life’s many challenges.

We offer yoga classes for all, including pre and post-natal yoga classes. Our pre-natal classes focus on lessening the typical aches and pains of pregnancy. Preparing for labor and delivery and helping expectant mothers stay fit during pregnancy.

During post-pregnancy, we offer a beautiful Mommy & Me class for Moms and their babies to explore together. It provides a great option for easing back into physical fitness and bonding with your newborn baby!

We offer beginner’s and advanced classes at acacia studios.  Beginner’s classes are designed to introduce the base postures to new students and set them up for success in graduating to more difficult postures and classes.  A beginner’s class is not, however, only for novice yogis. Even the advanced yogi are challenged at these classes. They also provide a space and time to refine and perfect the base postures which can only improve their overall practice.

Advanced classes take students through more advanced postures, deeper expressions of the postures, and faster, more challenging flows.

We also offer power vinyasa and vinyasa flow yoga classes for all fitness levels and welcome all moms!

You can find us located at the Viking House on the third floor, waiyaki way, westlands.

3rd Flr, Viking House, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya
Business & Services