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Columbia Comes to Africa!

Yvonne Maina | Nov 23 2016

The New kid in the block is here in the form of Columbia Africa. The new face of medicine is what they call themselves. Take a visit to understand what makes it so different

The Joys of Exercising With a Toddler

Crystal Kitt | Nov 15 2016

Many mums use their toddlers as an excuse not to keep working out. Well, this blogger shows us how you can exercise with your toddler.

The C – word (C for Cesarean)

Karol Muthoni Njoki | Aug 30 2016

Here is a real mum’s cesarean story to put the stories about the C-word to rest.

When your Pregnancy is Fake

Dr. Alfred Murage | May 23 2016

You can experience pregnancy signs but not be pregnant. Learn more from Expert, Dr. Murage.

3 Secrets to Getting a Youthful Skin

Chef Anthony Kahonge | Feb 29 2016

It is never too late to get/maintain a youthful skin. Here are tips from a Healthy/Lifestyle Blogger on how to make this possible.

How I treat my Child’s Flu without Antibiotics

Santinah Nyagah | Dec 11 2015

Are you sure your child has a bacterial infection? Read this…

Mummytales: Traveling while Pregnant these Holidays

Maryanne Waweru Wanyama | Nov 30 2015

Maryanne Wanyama shares expert pregnancy tips.

Do This To Your Breasts Tonight

Oct 27 2015

Checking our breasts every so often is an action that we should take.Shiko gives us a step by step guide on how we should do it.

Cancer : A Survivor Story

Oct 15 2015

This strong woman shares her story of surviving the disease and encourages women who are going through it.

Cancer: What About Breast Lumps?

Dr. Alfred Murage | Oct 06 2015

There are dfferent types of breast lumps that women have. This is all about them ,what is normal and not.

Induction of Labour – Help or Hindrance?

Lucy Muchiri | Mar 16 2015

Should you agree to have your labour induced? Find out why it might be better to wait.

Oops! I’m Pregnant but Don’t Have Health Insurance

Faith Mwaura | Mar 16 2015

Read one Mum’s recommendation on why you need this government insurance package in Kenya