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Tips for Throwing an Awesome Party Without Losing your Mind

Human beings are naturally social and thrive in the company of others. Parties are a good way to bring people together. Two things people remember from a birthday party is good food and fun company, but they can be costly.

Here are tips to help throw a fun and inexpensive party

Venue: A birthday party can be held at home, or at a friend’s house with a lawn where children can run around without breaking things. Ensuring outdoor grounds are free from broken glass and sharp stones to prevent accidents. If indoors, put away fragile decor that can break easily.



Ambience: A kid’s birthday party is a very costly affair, getting crafty can save you a lot of money on decor. Balloons are cheap and readily available and all kids love them. Crepe paper can be used to make an array of decorations, from weapons to Chinese lanterns. Check YouTube. Use Christmas lights and re-purpose them for the birthday e.g., wrap around a tree.

Activities: Making kids have fun on a budget requires effort that can be rewarding in the end.

i) Have a friend do face painting for free




ii) If there’s no pool, no problem. Ask kids to bring their swimsuits and they can have fun playing with water balloons instead.

iii) Play general games that are inclusive of all children and their parents too. E.g. tag the rope, dancing chairs, sack racing, scavenger hunts and so on.

iv) Play a conga line with the birthday girl/boy at the front of the line.

Music: it’s the backbone of any good party. You don’t need a DJ to enjoy or have fun. Pre-selecting a list of child-friendly songs on your playlist made up of popular and catchy tunes can have kids out of breath singing and dancing. Good music breaks the awkward silence at a party before everyone warms up to one another. Try having a dance fight competition



Food: Keeping it simple is the way to go. Having a light menu comprised of meals common to everyone reduces the need for variety. E.g. pilau, chapati, nyama choma, and simple salads. Making homemade snacks like potato chips, sausage wraps can save an extra coin.



The secret to having a fun time at a budgeted party is making your guests as comfortable as possible. They come to show support mainly for you so don’t be afraid to take it. Having a calm relaxed attitude makes your guests settle in faster, after all, it is a party.

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