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Columbia Comes to Africa!

Situated on a convenient, accessible address (Park place ,2nd Parklands avenue road) is the newest healthcare provider on the block, COLUMBIA AFRICA. Its the next best thing to changing the face of medicine in Kenya. A quick tour of the facility reveals a wide range of services offered in the out-patient only clinic.

On Ambience.

The halls of Columbia Africa are sufficiently lit and well spaced out. You can’t help but notice the double-tone color scheme (lime-green and white) from the entry point. The ceiling at Radiology has a beautiful surface area to air angling mural of sunlight through a shady tree.

On Reception

The welcoming faces of Columbia Africa staff meet you right at the door, there efforts to foster viable customer relations does not go unnoticed.

On Services Provided: 

They include-

  1. Gynaecology/obstetrics care.
  2. Paediatric services with very qualified doctors
  3. A state of the art radiology centre with a CT-scan, X-ray imaging, and ultra-sound services
  4. Dental care
  5. Eye care
  6. Family medicine
  7. Minor surgery
  8. Cardiac monitoring equipment

On Costs

Columbia Africa promises the best healthcare available that is pocket friendly and lower than others in the medical field.


A small cafeteria that offers healthy snacking is right within the clinic. It is convenient for that common hospital waiting period.

From the tour, I could see the staff of Columbia Africa are ready to hit the ground running by their willingness to work and a general sense of inclusion. I know where I will be booking my next doctor’s appointment!



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  1. michelle says:

    Soubds like a great health facility. Will check it out when going for check ups.

  2. Good hospitals are sometimes hard to find but it is great when they come to us!!

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