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Why You Need A Nanny Contract

Contracts tend to introduce unnecessary formality, complexity and delay and therefore the last thing anyone would think of ‘bringing’ into the home, especially for situations that can be characterized as highly uncertain and temporary such as employment of a domestic worker or a nanny.

The reputation is certainly deserved!


No reasonable person would voluntarily complicate  simple situations as has been the history of domestic worker employment. In addition to this, other negating factors include the practicability of enforcement of contracts and level of understanding by parties in this these situations, which are primary considerations to determine the basis of a contract.

Despite all the above, it’s undeniable that there is peace of mind to know that you have taken extra measure to protect yourself-kind of like tying a loose or hanging shoe lace or wearing a safety belt. The thought of ‘…at least I took precaution when the worst happens.’


Here are more reasons why you should enter into a Nanny Contract with your house-help:

  • Sets the tone of the working relationship

All domestic employment relationships begin in good faith; the hope that everything will work out great! Which, of course, is the right attitude and spirit to adopt as, for all intents and purposes, you are welcoming a new individual to the family.

At the same time however, the reason for you opening your doors to this new individual is specific, attaches weighty legal considerations not to forget consideration/compensation and so its only right that a contract is created to clarify the nature of this relationship.

A Nanny contract does exactly this. It heightens the apparent level of professionalism and imposes an atmosphere of seriousness to the job.


  • Setting ground rules

Performance of domestic work doesn’t take an Einstein and can be easily learnt on the job without much fuss about giving proper instructions. However either party will …

A Nanny contract provides a proper forum for engaging in this sought of discussion; letting the other party know what is expected of them and the consequences of failure to meet the expectations.


  • Protects both parties

Differences in opinion are bound to come up in any working relationship. Differences as to number of leave days allowed, compensation and benefits due etc.  All these ought to be clearly stipulated in the contract.


  • Proof of compliance with the law

Domestic workers form a large chunk of the kenyan labour force. The law has noted this and therefore imposed certain rules that require compliance. Under these rules, nannies are now considered skilled and semi skilled employees. The regulations are binding whether  the agreement to work for or work together with is written or oral.

At termination of such relationships and in case of any arising dispute these rules are put into consideration. The Nanny contract therefore serves as proof of the working relationship and what is due to either party.


Convinced that a Nanny Contract is worth while? or need a lawyer for better clarification?check out this sample Nanny agreement.


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  1. When it comes to your kids and the ones you love a safety net is never too much. In fact it is encouraged.

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