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Weird Habits of a 10 month old

Kendi has strange habits.

They might be perfectly fine for a 10 month old, but to me, they are just plain weird. So, to see if I’m right to worry about my child, here is a list to help you help me decide:

1. She always crosses her legs when she sits.

Always right over left. It doesn’t matter where she’s sitting- on the floor, in my lap, in her high chair, she’s just that kind of little lady.

2. She will sing if there’s singing going on around her (this usually happens in church).

Louder than everyone else and off key. But sing she will. And long after everyone else has stopped singing. (This is why only her father holds her during praise and worship, I’m usually looking the other way and pretending not to know them).

3. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing, as soon as a beat drops, she will stop to dance.

And by dance, I mean throw her hands in the air and jump up and down on her bottom. It’s hilarious. She often bobs her head violently too. This, I blame her father, for he dances with her every waking hour.

4. Her tantrums are about very important things such as me wiping her face after a meal, not being able to reach the TV cabinet, Baba leaving the room as she’s eating, and the phone ‘suddenly’ changing the picture she’s looking at. The tantrum manifests itself in a hand and head flinging-shouting-face hitting-throwing of something manner which is more a danger to herself than anyone else. Because the violence is often directed at her own body!

5. She will scrunch up her face and breathe heavily like a wrestler.

Tawi and Mich both say she looks like she can beat someone senseless.

Having written them all down, they now don’t seem as weird as I had imagined. They kind of just seem like who Kendi is.

She is ours and we love her.

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