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Stuff Kids Say (Kamaurisms)



Phrases that Kamau will use that cause you to pause, either because they are absolutely adorable or are delivered as punch lines.

“Mommy! Si that’s the boy of We Dem Boyz?”

He first said this one day as we were driving home from an afternoon out. When I asked which boy he meant, he pointed out to a guy in dreadlocks. That’s when I realized that he was referring to Wiz Khalifa…and the fact that the “boy” in question had dreadlocks. I confirmed my hunch when, on a separate occasion, he used the same line- once again- in reference to a man in dreadlocks. He and R have this thing where they are “Dem Boyz”and Kamau once watched the song’s video and just like that every man in dreadlocks has become, “the boy of We Dem Boyz.”

Speaking of, any male is referred to as “boy” by Kamau. I have tried to explain the distinction between a boy and a man, but no.

“Mommy, the boy who makes the internet is here.”

“Mommy, you know (by the way, he pronounces ‘you know’ as weeno) that boy has a car like daddy.”

We are also going through that stage where it’s difficult to get past tense words and phrases correct. He adds ‘ed’ to every other word.

“Mommy, I already do-ed (did) that.”

“I put-ed my toys away.”

I appreciate that he now applies the past tense in the correct situations- that’s a part of his speech development, I figure. We have taken up correcting him and taking time to teach him how the words change (for those that do). He will not always remember to use the correct words or phrases but is learning and we will keep teaching him.

“This one is going to be nice! Close your eyes, mommy. It’s going to be a surprise.”

He says this as we do his homework, particularly as we get to the end of a segment. If we were working on a sound, say ‘g’, he will say this at the very last one he has to write. Of course, I have to act really surprised and make a huge fuss. A bit like going out in a blaze of glory 🙂

“You’re so softy soft.”

“Chubby chubby. Chubby chubby.” This in a sing-song voice.

“Beautiful princess.”

All adorable endearments he uses on his little sister.

“Mommy, you know my teacher said…”

This is the introduction to every single statement in which he wants to counter something I have said or asked him to do. The teacher is the greatest authority. Even mommy has to listen to what the teacher has said.


funny stuff kids say

Last week on Facebook I posted about a conversation Kamau and I had where I told him that I would add cheese to his sandwich to carry to school for his break. He (authoritatively) informed me that, “cheese is food for mice.” That statement totally made my evening. On Sunday, Patty told me that Kamau had found her preparing her oatmeal and once she informed him that she was preparing porridge, he told her that porridge is food for bears. Ha! I am just glad to see that he has taken some of our favourite bedtime reads (Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse) to heart.

I live for his ‘Kamaurisms.’

More of his exploits can be found on Wangari’s Blog.

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