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The Quann Sisters : Double Action In Fashion

Have you heard of the double action in fashion? If you haven’t heard of Cipriana and Takenya Quann– the identical twin sisters with an incredible and unmatched sense of style – then I’m willing to bet that at the very least, you’ve seen them.

They have been featured on Vogue, W Magazine, Glamour, W Magazine and Nylon, not to mention several clothing brand campaigns. Their show-stopping style is matched by incredible beauty and tresses that would put Diana Ross’ infamous afro to shame. And yes, it’s all theirs and all natural.

Their approach to fashion and beauty is as non-traditional as it gets. It’s no wonder some of the biggest brands and publications are in awe of their daring fashion choices.

What’s more interesting about their appeal is that their take seems more than just about breaking the conventional fashion mold; challenging their fans to embrace the unexpected and unconventional.

Call them the Lady Gaga of fashion.

photo credit capital lifestyle

photo credit capital lifestyle

Cipriana Quann is the co-founder of Urban Bush, a fashion and lifestyle site and Takenya (better known as TK Wonder) is a singer-songwriter.

I can’t help but wonder whether MaryKate and Ashley Olsen will ever reclaim their spot as most fashionable twin sisters with these two around! Truth is though, there’s room for all four of them in our fashionable hearts and Pinterest boards but the impact Quann and Wonder have had is colossal.

So what next for the double action sisters?

Well I wouldn’t be surprised if the dynamic duo came up with their own clothing line and hair product range given their obvious expertise in both departments.

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