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Real Mum Interview : Renee Wambui via Cashmere Moms


Hi Cashmere Lovers,

How are you guys keeping on this cold Saturday in Nairobi? Personally I’m fresh off of shopping guilt from Black Friday yesterday, contemplating cutting my whole hair off and just ordered a cake, a 1KG cake so I could stuff my face all weekend indoors. I have been having certain cravings lately and no…. I’m not pregnant. I have just been changing up my palette. I’m constantly frying up mushrooms and chowing it with blue cheese or making asparagus and dipping it in soy sauce. OMG I’m using soy sauce on everything since my new found love for sushi.

Anyway this is is actually not my blog post, it belongs to a one very beautiful stylish young,yummy mummy called @ms_1renee. Well that’s what most people know her as but to me she is Renee aka Mama Ayd aka Mama Ayden.

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We have known each other a year now, we actually met on IG as most people do now, not quite sure who made the first move but here we are. We are both raising beautiful, intelligent, precocious boys and always keep in touch, exchanging tips, gossip and definitely fashion tips..

I have been dying to share her story since she told me she was pregnant with Ayd and finally the time has come. As most mothers know part of being a mom, and a very involved one at that, we tend to procrastinate on a lot of things aside from our children and I was patient and the world gifted me back with Renee’s story so here it is guys!!! I hope mothers out there connect with her story as much as I do 🙂

CM: What was your first reaction when finding out?

RW: I was angry because I was in a foreign country and was in university.

CM: Why?

RW: I didn’t like the feeling of being away from home. Away from my family and friends and people I could rely on. It was a tough time for me.

CM: So sorry about that! Tell us what was your most common food craving and most unusual craving ?

RW: I craved lots of cake and the most unusual was ugali and meat.

CM: That totally sounds like my pregnancy with Beck, well not the cake part, I was craving a lot of african food, matumbo, kidneys, chicken hearts and that was really healthy for me, I barely added any unwanted weight.

RW: I hear you, it was the same for me.

CM: You know I have heard this myth that it’s easier to bounce back after pregnancy, if you are younger, do  you think that’s true?

RW: I can’t speak for everyone but in my case and yours it seems to be true so YAY! Go Yummy Mummy’s!!!

CM: Okay, okay onto more serious things, What was the hardest part about being pregnant?

RW: Constantly being out of breath, that was so different and difficult.

CM: Would you say you were fit when you were pregnant? Are you the working out kind of girl?

RW: hahahahaha I don’t know?! All I can say is that they have some nice fitness clothes these days! Worth a try!

CM: Where were you, what were you doing when you went into labor ?

RW: I did not go into labor, I had scheduled a C-section and went to hospital as planned however after being there for almost 8hrs, I got really sick and the doctors had to take action hence a very quick emergency c section.

CM: What were your thoughts during this process?

RW: Prior to giving birth I had always thought it was hard but I wasn’t ready for how difficult it all was, it was mind blowing and the most difficult thing I have ever experienced!

CM: Who did you want in the delivery suite with you, your husband/partner or someone else?

RW: My mum and my best friend Eve, who is also my baby’s Godmother because I felt they would have better tools to help me more than my partner.

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CM: What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?

RW: I was excited but really very dazed from my CS. It was a bittersweet moment for me.

CM: Was your husband/partner a help or hindrance during the first few weeks after giving birth?

RW: Once Ayden was here, he stepped right into gear and was extremely helpful.

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CM: Which music or movies were a hit when you were pregnant?

RW: Oh no, hmmmmmm…..

CM: Yeah?

RW: WOW! I can’t remember, mummy brain after childbirth exists right?

CM: Hahahahahaha ok at least tell us which celebrity was the most talked about during your pregnancy ?

RW: Kim Kardashian.

CM: Awesome! so tell us your newborn experience?

RW: It was not easy as I had very many surgeries after suffering major childbirth complications so I needed a lot of recovery time. My mum had flown in just in time for Ayden from Lebanon, which is where she works and handled everything for me.

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CM: Tell us about your breastfeeding experience?

RW: Again because of my complications, Ayden didn’t latch as soon as he was born and I didn’t get to breastfeed him afterwards so I didn’t experience a breastfeeding journey with him.

CM: Was it better or worse than you had anticipated?

RW: To be honest, I don’t know because it’s an experience I am yet to have.

CM: OK I hear you and here is the plus side, at least you still got your cute boobs, breastfeeding can take a toll on these babies (grabs boobs) Anywho, let’s get to the baby stats? What was his weight, length, time and date of birth.

RW: Ayden was 3.33kgs, 50cm, born at 3:33pm on 4th November 2014.

CM: Would you say you had a good pregnancy?

RW: Yes.

CM: Tell us why?

RW: I had a good pregnancy after the first trimester was over, I had really bad nausea then I was very energetic and healthy so yes, we can call it a good pregnancy.

CM: What advice would you give other women about pregnancy?

RW: Treasure every moment and listen to your body. Also don’t overeat just because you are pregnant because losing the weight after becomes extra hard.

CM: Have you ever thought “Gosh I cant do this,”

RW: Yes

CM: Why?

RW: I thought about it especially because I am a young mother at 23, not finished school and also my financial status wasn’t where I pictured myself being when having a baby.


CM: Yeah I hear you, do you think a married family with children is any better than an unmarried relationship with kids?

RW: No I don’t think that at all.

CM: Expound on that…

RW: Every family is okay. God takes care of everyone once you decide to go ahead and keep the baby.

CM: What would you say to any of my readers who aren’t necessarily religious, I think it takes the effort and commitment of both partners/single dad/single mom to make it work for them regardless of their situation, right?

RW: Agreed!


CM: What are your views on young moms having children?

RW: I 100% support it as I am a young mom myself, than those that choose to abort. I believe being a mom gives one so much focus and you feel very happy and accomplished.

CM: Did you go through any anti natal or pre natal blues?

RW: No, luckily I did not go through any blues.

CM: What is and how did you choose your baby’s name?

RW: His name is Ayden, I chose it because I love the meaning behind the name.

CM: I also have an Aden in the family, Baba Beck’s 2nd born but he spells it without the “y”

RW: Yes it’s a beautiful name.

CM: Did you know in greek mythology Aed was god of fire and god of the underworld? That means it’s a strong name.

RW: That’s interesting, I didn’t know that, I was really influenced by Tamera Mowry. I really love her and she looked great while pregnant with her son too.

CM: OMG! I love her too, I love her on The Real and her interraccial relationship just moves me, she’s just recently had a baby girl who is to die for, that woman makes beautiful babies.

RW: I know right!

CM: So as we wind up, what’s the hardest thing about being a mom?

RW: The hardest part is you have to sacrifice so much especially the sleepless nights, they’re the hardest.

CM: What’s the cutest thing Ayden does to make you laugh

RW: He loves making faces and eventually shows his gums It’s the cutest thing ever.

CM: What’s his favourite toy?

RW: He loves Barney

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CM: What is your biggest worry about your baby’s future?

RW: I worry if I will be there all through his life to guide him and take him to the top schools in the world.

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CM: And what is the best part about being a mom?

RW: The best part is watching him grow and the hugs and kisses he gives me makes me feel really loved and appreciated.

CM: Do you believe in staying at home or going to work?

RW: I believe in working because both parents need to bring money home and also you had a life and ambitions before the baby so continue living the life you dreamt about.

CM: Tell us a funny “guess what my kid did” story

RW: hahahahaha  that is yet to happen.

CM: What is the one thing you never had that you want for your kids?

RW: I never had all the good things in life hence I work extra hard to give him that from a young age.

CM: What is your biggest fear as a mom?

RW: My biggest fear is failing my son and not raising him well as I’m expected.

CM: Any advice for future moms?

RW:Do not lose yourself just because you have become a mum infact being a mum should make you realise and love yourself more because you are a superhero for carrying that child through the 9 months.

CM: Amen to that! I really like the SuperMom title myself, it takes hard work but it really pays off when the babies reach their potential whatever the age.

CM: So is there anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood ?

RW: I definitely would thank my mum she is my biggest support system.

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Renee Wambui

CM: What is your biggest pet peeve about being a parent?

RW: That you have to stay home for 6 months after giving birth and also mothers should not work after having kids. I can’t believe there are people in this day and age still doing that!

CM: What is something you miss about the life before your kids?

RW: I miss when I could shop without feeling guilty or sleep in all day.

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