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African Baby Shower Games

If you go online to search for games to play at baby showers, 90% are nothing we in Kenya (or Africa) can try, so I will put a list that is very Kenyan and that is fun, granted some can be found online, but these ones make sense to us.

If you are going to play competitive games, have a reward for the wining team, this way they will look forward to the ‘games’, chocolates, etc.

A good way to involve the men is to make them leaders of the group (men like to lead).

  1. Shopping list

Have everyone mention a list of baby items the MTB will need in the first year, write them down. If anyone repeats an item, they are out and will be skipped for the subsequent rounds.

2. Finish the lyrics

Think of all the nursery rhymes, write them down leaving blanks so that the groups think through and fill in the blanks.

Mary had a little lamb whose ___________________ was white as snow

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a _________________ of water


3. Baby words Scramble

Have a list of some baby items names scrambled and have the groups unscramble them

Aybb iol          Baby Oil

eosobte           bootees

4. Baby items charades

In the groups, have a list of baby items that the groups try and guess as one of the members tries to demonstrate without using words. You can make it more interesting by having them demonstrate a phrase instead of a word.

e.g  Pushing baby in a stroller, Breastfeeding in traffic, Changing a smelly diaper

5. Advice book

Give guests a card and ask them to write one parenting advice that really helped them when they were new parents. Put all the cards together and the new parents can always go through the little notes

6. Decorate a Onesie

Buy a couple of white onesies and coloured pens or even fabric paint. The guest can draw, write or decorate the onesie for the new baby.

Editor’s note: You can find a list of local stockists of party items, gifts and baby clothes vendors in our info center here at Mum’s Village.

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  1. tamulamu says:

    Another idea – how many ways can you use a kikoy to carry a baby?

  2. I used some of these games when I threw my best friend a baby shower. No.’s 1,4 & 5 were very very popular. Thank you for sharing these 🙂

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